The Man Makes The Man

Years ago, back before I had corrective eye surgery, I was buying something and was all “smooth and suave” with the cashier.

For whatever reason, I was especially upbeat and confident throughout that whole exchange.

When I got back to the car, I happened to glance in the rear view mirror and saw to my dismay that I was wearing my “grubby glasses.”

That whole morning I thought I had been wearing my “cool glasses.”

If you wear glasses, you know what I’m talking about. Your “cool glasses” are the expensive ones you wear socially. They are stylish, clean, and make you feel good when you wear them.

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You Don’t Work

A couple years ago I read an interesting productivity book called “The Twelve Week Year.”

There were several good nuggets in the book, but the one I want to talk to you about today was execution tracking.

A key part of the process the authors describe in their book is ongoing calculation of your execution rate: what actions you committed to taking versus the actions you actually took.

You actually have to express it as a percentage.

For example, if you committed to working on Project A for 5 hours last week and your actual time spent was 3 hours, then your execution rate was 60%.

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This Is Your Brain On News

I don’t watch the news.

I don’t read the newspaper.

Not because I don’t have time.

But because I don’t have an unlimited supply of soul for them to suck out.

You see, here’s what’s REALLY happening when you watch the news:

First, an army of journalists leverage the power of web-based networks to dig up stories most likely to nail your eyeballs to the page or screen.

Given that humans are wired to pay far more attention to BAD news than good news, that means these journalists show you the most hair-raising, toe-curling, depraved, taboo-ladled, anxiety-producing stories they can find.

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1 Coping Mechanism That Shrinks Your Life

Years ago, I was a commercial salmon fisherman in Alaska.

It was hard, dangerous work, with insane hours and long periods of isolation.

I loved it.

To me, it was a grand adventure.

A chance to test myself against the sea, to live as the pioneers had lived.

But not everyone on the crew felt that way.

Every year, as the season drew to a close, some would grow desperately homesick.

And then they would do something that always shocked and saddened me.

They would begin to poison themselves against the entire season.

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Why I Let My 11-Year-Old Daughter Drive

Last weekend I taught my eleven-year-old daughter to drive my truck.

I took her to a school parking lot, talked her through it, moved to the passenger seat, and let her loose.

I don’t think anyone saw us (which my daughter was grateful for, as she was mortified when she hit a curb).

But if anyone had, there’s a good chance they would have taken issue with me teaching her so young and deemed me a “reckless parent.”

I don’t know what it is about my generation and the “helicopter parenting” we’ve become known for, but kids today may well be the most over-protected and coddled kids in living memory.

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Burn vs Build

Felt like shit when I woke up today.

Lots of reasons why.

All of them my own damn fault.

So I stumbled through the morning in a stupor.

Life felt… not so good.

All my hopes, dream, my plans and goals… they all seemed wrong.

I had a hike planned with my oldest son, so despite my sorry state, off we went.

Before long, the blood was pumping, and the cold misty air was filling my lungs. My son and I walked and talked in pleasant, unhurried conversation.

And suddenly, all was well.

I felt good. I felt happy.

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Death By Unisex

From a young age you’ve been taught that gender is a social construct, a set of learned behaviors one can put on and take off like a jacket.

And since feminist sentiment has decided that most conventional masculine behavior is distasteful, you’ve grown up with a more or less “gender-neutral” set of instructions for how to be in the world.

As a result, you and millions of other men have been walking on eggshells your entire life, expending insane amounts of emotional energy trying to live your life according to the one-size-fits-all unisex script you’ve been given.

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The Speed Of Courage

Most men are fundamentally daunted by their work.

Not because they dislike their projects, but because they perceive the project’s road to completion to be a long and difficult one.

It’s the sense that any project worth doing will take tremendous time and effort to complete, and may well still prove a failure in the end, despite all their trouble.

So we unconsciously inflate the time required to complete the project.

We pad our projects with “requisite steps” which are in fact non-essential and have no material impact on the end user.

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It Just Isn’t You

What do you tie your identity to?

Do you choose your actions based on how they make you feel about yourself, or based on how they advance your mission?

Are you so busy preserving and protecting your old, inherited, childhood ideas of who you are from your past that you’ve stopped asking yourself what you must do and who you must become to create your future?

You want to bring on a partner to move your business forward. But as you go through the paper work, the lawyer appointments, and the due diligence, you feel overwhelmed and pull the plug because you’ve decided the whole partnership thing “just isn’t me.”

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The Proper Care And Feeding Of Demons

There is this notion that masculinity is a basket of “good” and “bad” qualities that men can pick and choose from.

The pleasant, “good” qualities being things like provision, duty, and procreation.

The distasteful, “bad” qualities being things like lust, violence, and anger.

The project of radical feminism has been to convince men that they must “rid” themselves of the distasteful qualities in their nature if they are to find acceptance in the feminized world we now live in.

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