The Message In Your Anger

Do you feel angry or irritable on a regular basis?

If so, where do you think that anger comes from? What is the source?

You may be tempted to blame an external cause: you may think you’re angry because “your wife isn’t doing X,” or because “the kids are making a mess,” or one of a thousand other external irritants.

But if you’re honest with yourself, this lingering sense of anger and irritability is often (not always, but often) a message.

A message that you are not pushing yourself to the next level.

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If I Could Tell You Just One Thing

If I could reach through the computer screen, grab you by the shoulders and tell you just ONE thing, it would be this:

Never apologize for your strength, your edge, your restless energy.

The world may make you feel a threat and a pig, simply by virtue of being male.

But it is not your masculinity they fear… it is the fear of man’s power untempered by love.

The highest expression of a man is when his POWER and his LOVE are held and exercised in equal measure.

When you open yourself to the true birthright of your gender… when you fully embrace both the POWER and the LOVE that are equally and inextricably your deepest nature… that is when the magic happens.

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