What does healthy masculinity look like today?

How should we best live our lives as men?

Society gives us two basic options:

1. The way of the asshole

2. The way of the coward

The first way is the way of the Asshole. The Asshole is the man who relies on brute force to get what he wants. He is High Strength, Low Love.

The second way is the way of the Coward. The Coward is the man who plays “nice guy” in hopes someone will throw him a bone. He is High Love, Low Strength.

We reject these two equally shitty options.

We choose option three.

The THIRD WAY MAN lives a life of BENEVOLENT POWER: for his own sake, and the sake of those he serves. He is High Strength, High Love. He is the full package.

Third Way Man is a tribe of men who aspire to live lives of benevolent power.

Lives characterized by strength and love in equal measure.

Men who refuse to emasculate themselves (the Second Way) or to return to the dark ages of male/female relations (the First Way).

The legacy of First Way masculinity is destruction.

The legacy of Second Way masculinity is impotence.

The legacy of Third Way masculinity is CREATION.

Our purpose is to help men remove the shit that keeps them stuck so they can come into their full power as strong, loving CREATORS: radically free, inspired, alive.

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Bryan Ward, Founder
Third Way Man

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  1. Glad to see you expanding. I appreciate your work brother. Keep it the fuck up!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this site turns out. Hope it does your content and message justice!

  3. Casvegaslad says:

    Finally someone who can teach me something of value popped up on a sponsored ad in my facebook feed; How did you find me or should I ask how did I find you. You have a wise mentor.

  4. I just bought your LIT black paper and when I tried to download it using the PDF viewer on my phone, it said “Error, cannot download” and then kicked me back to facebook. I haven’t received an email from you yet, so how do I go about accessing LIT?

  5. I like what you’re saying. This reminds me of what I discovered about 9 years ago. Let’s call it the way of the Authentic man. This is a man who has discovered he has in him a boy, and a wild man. Those two affect his energies as a Warrior a Lover a Magician and a King. Each of those play a part in making a complete man.
    The warrior is a powerhouse of energy, he is a doer not a thinker. The one who gets shit done.
    The lover is tuned into his senses, he is the part of us that seeks to give and get pleasure, comfort, connection.
    The Magician is the wise man, the sage, the one who knows the secrets and solves mysteries.
    The King is the source of order in the kingdom. He can make the kingdom glorious or he can destroy it.
    Looking forward to more of what you have to say…

  6. Carl A. says:

    Way to go Bryan…caught me at the right time. Thanks for the gift of your prose…..Definitely one of the things I am grateful for today!

  7. I haven’t read it all, yet, but it sounds like you are onto something, here.

    – Father of Four, Failed Inventor and Entrepreneur.

  8. Interesting ideas. I will pay attention. Very Frankl/Nietzsche/Yalom for the modern age. I hope to see more and contribute where I can.

  9. Dave Schlesinger says:

    Intrigued by these ideas, it resonates with me! Wondering if/how married life plays into this?

  10. Christopher says:

    A good reminder of what it means to be engaged with life….something sorely missing among the masses of men (people generally). Consider also “Siddhartha” (1919) by Hermann Hesse and “The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are” (1966) by Alan Watts. Both excellent books that have proved their test against time.

  11. David Higgins says:

    I am intrigued and skeptical. Let’s see what happens. Here I go…

  12. George Mansour says:

    I tried to buy Lit the download, accepted the video also, came to submit payment, then nothing. I waited for a minute and nothing. Checked all my info, everything was there, and still no reply to pressing the blue button.

  13. Hello Brian and the rest of the Third Way Tribe!

    I’ve got the LIT paper and got a couple of great pieces of treasure from it. I have recommended it to my tribe down here in Venice Beach.

    Interesting point on the Two Ways (asshole and coward) is that they directly coincide with the Mythopoetic poles of Goodness and Strength as well as the archetype poles of Peace and Power. In Mythopoetics the balance point (or Third Way) is that of the Hero and in Male Archetypes the balance point (or Third Way) is called GRACE. Either way its really cool to see a cadre of other contemporary men finding this wisdom from other paths and arriving on the quest at the right time. Welcome all.

    My name is Philip Folsom and I run a leadership development program here in LA called Fulcrum ( fulcrumleadershipinstitute.com )and am also the co-founder of a warrior PTS(D) program call The Sparta Project ( thespartaproject.org ).

    I look forward to participating and contributing to this community on an ongoing basis.
    Philip Folsom

  14. Bryan, love what you are doing here man. Good men are dying in numbers by the minute…or at least getting lost in a new generation of boys. Love your topics and the way you write… you write as I would speak and it feels familiar. I’ve written about similar topics in the past, but have never been able to master the concept of nailing it in so few words. I have only read a few articles so far, but there is a certain fusion of philosophy and poetry that really resonates in our present day. Keep that fire LIT and I will definitely be sharing!

  15. love the concept and how you blend philosophy with the modern day man. curious as to how you got your start? how did you begin to develop you niche and tailor your message. im trying to put together a similar concept, targeting single fathers specifically. seeing subscriber growth slowly but surely in the last month or so- check it out at: manchamp.com. keep doing this- definitely an inspiration.

  16. Sounds like another version of the Mankind Project

  17. This is such an outstanding site, and the articles are well thought out.

    Thank you!

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