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  1. William Meloney says:

    I wanted to celebrate with you right until you slighted Feminism. “Feminists robbed us of love and affection when they poisoned women’s hearts against us.” The fact that you even suggest that it poisoned women’s hearts means you do not understand Feminism at all. In fact such criticism of Feminism places you squarely in the camp of misogyny, the very thing that Feminism is working so hard to dismantle. Please do some serious soul searching and study what real Feminism is about. I don’t believe that a man of your understanding will be so quick to paint it with such a broad brush in the future.

    I realize that I have used some strong language. Please reach out to me to continue a civil conversation on this topic.

    • Bryan Ward says:

      William, you can love women without loving feminism. Feminism has been largely co-opted and weaponized. I would welcome a movement that worked to genuinely protect the rights and sovereignty of both genders without demonizing the other. Unfortunately, feminism has demonstrated it is no longer the vehicle to do that.

      • Bryan,
        He is somewhat right and you are somewhat right. The message you are really conveying is masked by negativity in your use of words. There is no need to attack, support or otherwise discuss feminism to get your message across. It’s a distraction from your truth. Remember the best message is True, Necessary and Kind. That’s not new age bullshit from a Julia Roberts movie, that’s hard core shit from the Buddha. It hard to express ourselves that way, but much more effective.

    • Emmanuel Pempengco says:

      He was just writing poetically in essay form. Don’t take it seriously. He writes irreverently and that is his style. How many times had he use the word shit? Others would use sh#t but he won’t. Anyway, freedom to express one’s opinion. He has, you have, I have. Bloody hell, it’s his website.

    • Emmanuel Pempengco says:

      He was just writing poetically in essay form. Don’t take it seriously. He writes irreverently and that is his style to get a profound message across. How many times had he use the word shit? Others would use sh#t but he won’t. Anyway, freedom to express one’s opinion. He has, you have, I have. WTF, it’s his website.

    • I have had this discussion with several feminists lately. I am amazed that in each case I was told that I didn’t understand what true feminism is. The amazing thing is that there is no definition offered, just the fact that only feminists understand it. Then, when pursued further for some kind of a definition, Bam! the misogynist card is played. This is 4 for 4 lately. I cannot understand how feminists continue to pretend that they are advocates for all people.

  2. All due respect, I have very little respect for men for fall squarely into the ‘feminist’ camp. Do some research. A huge percentage of EVEN WOMEN in this country now reject the feminist movement because it has, just as Bryan has pointed out, been weaponized and turned into nothing more than man bashing. I find them nothing more than a group of sad, frustrated women who want to blame men for all of their troubles, and in no way should be taken seriously. They are no better than the Black Lives Matter movement, in my opinion, and are as equally divisive and equally full of hate. The women who led the way on women’s rights and fought to get women equal rights in this country, to including being able to vote, are probably turning over in their graves at seeing what this has become. And there you have it … exercising my freedom of speech.

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